Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great and Wonderful Things

Sometimes it's really easy to get angry at God for where we find ourselves. We look around and see things that are totally different from what we anticipated, and what do we do? We get angry and frustrated at God. We blame him for setting us up in a situation or at a place or with people we don't prefer.
And you know what? It's really ridiculous to think like that. Believe me, I've done it a million times. But why? Why don't we look for the positives? Why don't we look for what God is actually doing?

It's so easy, especially as college students, to look around see people in relationships, getting engaged and getting married, and become slightly depressed with that fact that we are not dating. Honestly, I hate to keep harping on this issue. But if I had a dollar for every conversation I've had in the past few weeks about relationships, both good and bad, I bet wouldn't even have to take out student loans!

Okay, maybe that was a hyperbole, but you get the point. Just stop with me and consider that maybe God has an unbelievable plan and purpose for you - and one of the qualities he might use to bring about his plan is your singleness. It's not crazy, it's practical. He did the same sort thing to prepare the world for the sending of his Son. Do you think it's any coincidence that the vast expanse of the Mediterrian world was controlled by one power (Rome), generally spoke the same language, had a huge transportation system, and began to accept Judaism as the legal religion about the same time that Jesus was born?

For example, last semester, God said to me: I want to do great and wonderful things in you and through you before there's a guy in your life. When I asked God to show me what those were, he put multiple things in my path, such as leading a Bible Study for the girls in my dorm, co-leading a student group on campus, starting my student ministry with the church, and multiple other ways I could get involved on campus and in my community - that I could do very efficiently while I'm single. God answered that prayer of mine with a very distinct answer. He gave me a reason to have faith, to believe in what I can't see, specifically that he has a plan for my life. He wants to use me to further his kingdom. And while it may seem like I'm a lonely single lady, God is really doing something beautiful in my life. The loveliest part of it is that he's using me to reach others. How amazing is that?

And guess what? He wants to use you, too. Exactly where you are.

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